About us

Ashwin M. Parekh

Founder & Chairman Emeritus


Founded by Mr. Ashwin M. Parekh in the late 80s in collaboration with German company, Acrysil has earned a global reputation for its Composite Quartz Kitchen Sinks.  Quartz, the hardest constituent of granite constitutes around 80% of the raw material used in these sinks.  The Quartz is molded with High Grade Acrylic Resin using a special computer controlled Polymerization Casting Process in Special High Grade Nickel Molds, to produce hardened composite material which is resistant to scratch, dent, stain, heat and cracks.


'CARYSIL' Quartz Sinks have been a runaway success and Acrysil has been constantly ramping up capacity to meet the growing demand worldwide.



Chirag Parekh

  Chairman and Managing Director


Building a Global brand


‘CARYSIL’ brand is a designer brand in the best sense of the term: instantly recognizable by striking innovative looks and styling, originality in design and its ability to delight the eye.  The brand must evoke pride of ownership as well as a halo of success and status in the buyer.  His mission is to make Acrysil an undisputed leader and the topmost one stop brand for every requirement in kitchen products.


CARYSIL Quartz Sinks are sold to discerning customers in over 30 countries worldwide like USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, China, Far East and Gulf Countries. Acrysil has also set-up a wholly owned subsidiary, Acrysil GmbH in Germany in order to further strengthen its presence in the demanding European markets.


Spurred on by its success with CARYSIL Quartz Sinks, Acrysil has diversified into Stainless Steel Sinks, Faucets, Food Waste Disposer, and Kitchen Appliances like Hobs & Cook Tops, Oven, Wine Chillers and Dishwashers.


Like its Quartz Sinks, Acrysil Stainless Steel Sinks and its range of other products are made from the finest quality raw material using cutting edge technology and incorporating the latest international trends in design and style. 


While normal SS sinks are manufactured by press/draw process, Acrysil fabricates its SS sinks using SS304 and a proprietary method in which profiles are cut, shaped and then welded using robotic machine to achieve the highest standards of strength and finish.


Specially designed to target the discerning and high end customers, the chimneys and hobs will be manufactured in a new plant and incorporate features like touch panel, LED lights and silent blowers for the first time in India.


The chimneys and hobs will be manufactured in a new plant and incorporate features like touch panel, LED lights and silent blowers.  Features hitherto not seen in Indian products.  Hobs too have been specially designed targeting the discerning and high end customers.


Acrysil’s products conform to the highest quality standards.  Acrysil is certified with ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 management systems as well as CE Marking, Canadian Standard Association (CSA), International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAMPO), Business Social Compliance Initiatives (BSCI) international certifications.


Technology & Innovation


Acrysil constantly enhances the value of its products through innovative R&D and has developed over 50 models of quartz sinks to cater to various segments and markets.  The Company has also made significant investments in resource saving technology that promote energy efficient and environment friendly manufacturing, helping to preserve nature and environment for future generation.




Acrysil is rapidly moving ahead towards becoming a total solutions provider for upscale bathrooms and kitchens catering to the most discerning and style conscious consumers, while building its brand ‘Carysil’ as the world’s most sought after designer brand in its category.